Managing the Business of Charities

You have a charity to run, programs to manage, skills for pulling your community together for a common good. CHARITYacCOUNTS! has the skills to ensure the financial focus is coordinated with your strategic focus and your program goals. CHARITYacCOUNTS! would like to be your controller, CFO, financial consultant and /or bookkeeper – a few days a month – or a few days a week, whatever you need to keep your financial house in order.

  • Accounting when and how you need it most

    When you report to your donors, apply for funding, assess funding for a project, file your T3010, etc. the information must be clear and accurate in order to present your work as worthy, trusted and reliable.


  • Meet Karen

    Karen Dysart-Chuba CPA, CA, BBA realized the need for improved accounting practices after many years both working and volunteering in the not-for-profit sector.

    "So many charities struggle because they can’t afford full-time financial expertise. But if your reporting isn’t clear, or you’re not providing the right kind of information, financial records can come across as unreliable, and you may not receive the grants you’re hoping for."


  • Work With Us

    Financial and administrative professionals seeking work with “heart rewards”.

    CHARITYacCOUNTS! is expanding. If you’re interested in part-time work at various levels of accounting or administration, ask us about the benefits of working with community charities.