When you need to report to your donors, apply for funding, access funding for a project, file your T3010, etc. the information must be clear and accurate in order to present your work as worthy, trusted and reliable.

Karen Dysart CPA, CA and her team of skilled financial professionals helps you fill in the gaps in your accounting expertise so you can focus on program delivery and revenue generation.

“We do the business side so you can be passionate about the helping side.  Whether it is counseling kids after trauma, delivering food, providing shelter, educating, or facilitating philanthropy, you can focus on the community because we have your back.” explains Karen. “You don’t have to stay awake worrying about how to manage and report the money side of things. We speak the language of your funders and the business people on your Board.  We can facilitate the difficult discussions.  And once your accounts are in order, you’ll have a clear road map ahead of what it takes to run your programs.”


Your organization is unique; so is your  program management and stakeholder reporting. What kind of financial support do you require right now to thrive and grow?


Accounting and Controllership:

  • Perhaps you need someone to take charge of the mess that resulted from many funders with different reporting needs.
  • Perhaps your dedicated bookkeeper is over their head and can no longer answer the tough questioning of the Board.
  • Perhaps your auditor is always challenging you with year-end surprises.

CHARITYacCOUNTS! will listen to the problems from your perspective, ensure everyone understands the reporting requirements, and present a game plan. We will supervise your existing staff to ensure that management has asked all the pertinent questions before the Board challenges the reports. We decide the schedule together and as your organization expands or changes, adjust the time you need. Many of our clients out grow us, and eventually bring in their own staff, whom we train to ensure a smooth transition.

Bookkeeping and Data Management:

Many organizations grow adding bookkeeping duties onto the workload of secretarial or program staff. At some point bookkeeping expertise is more efficient, but there is not enough work or money for a full-time bookkeeper. CHARITYacCOUNTS! will provide on-site or off-site bookkeeping services, supervised by our Controllership staff.

Financial Consulting:

Applying for a grant? Need to build a program budget or evaluate the cost-effectiveness of a project? We provide financial consulting on an ongoing, or project basis.

Looking for financial services for your organization? Talk with us to see if the CHARITYacCOUNTS! option will be a benefit to you. All services provided at your site or ours.


“When our organization was just getting started and its resources were very limited, CHARITYacCOUNTS! established a reporting system that gained the confidence of senior staff and the volunteer accountants on the Board.  We always know where we stand in comparison to the budget, so I have the tools I need to control my budget.  We have grown considerably with CacC supporting our back office, so CacC was the obvious choice to assist us in conversion from “make do, piecemeal software” into a fully robust, integrated software solution for our charity.”

“CHARITYacCOUNTS! has been my trusted financial advisor since I took over this charity in the early 2000’s.  I have relied on them for sound financial advice, assistance in creating financial policies, for changes in government reporting and for connecting the service provision statistics to financial reporting.  We have always had confidence in the excellence of the services we provide to children in our community; CacC mirrors that excellence in our financial reporting.  With this combination of excellence, funders whether corporate, individual or foundations can trust us.”